A campaign,
A platform,
A movement.

Dare to be Grey is many things; a campaign, a platform, a movement. Regardless of what we call ourselves, there’s one key element that binds all of these identities together: our mission to elevate the Grey Middle Ground to a higher stage.

We do this online by sharing inspiring stories on our platform ‘50 Colours of Grey’, but also offline by facilitating debates, events, trainings and workshops.




Dare to be Grey was founded in the beginning of 2016 by a group of students from Utrecht University who wanted to see more nuance in the heated debates concerning the European refugee crisis. The original campaign was met with critical acclaim and a collective sigh of relief amongst the initial audiences. Within a couple of months, Dare to be Grey was mentioned by several Dutch news outlets, won a international competition in Washington D.C., and was proclaimed the Dutch ‘Embassy of Tolerance 2016’.

From this unique student collective, a permanent team of professionals arose to carry on Dare to be Grey’s mission. In the beginning of 2018, the Foundation of Dare to be Grey was officially created to oversee the various activities of the platform and the campaign.


Foundation Dare to be Grey


The Foundation Dare to be Grey, founded on 8 januari 2018, has as a primary goal to support the nuanced middle ground in polarised debates and situations, and as a secondary goal, to pursue any other possible activities that would further promote the foundation’s primary goal.